Kurumi injured her back, and cannot walk on her rear legs. She needs surgery quickly before the damage cannot be reversed.
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About the Campaign

Kurumi is only 3 years-old

Spinal surgery should allow her to walk again,

but it must be done soon to be effective!

Kurumi fell off the bed, the way dogs often do, and seemed fine at first. But by the next morning she was scooting on her rear legs. Her owner, Marsha got worried and tried to sit her up, but Kurumi would not sure her back legs, and seem depressed.

Marsha explains Kurumi’s condition:

Marsha’s usual vet

Kurumi went to the vet that day, and he put Kurumi on steroids and did laser therapy. Kurumi is young, and he thought it was probably not that bad. But, unfortunately it was bad. Kurumi showed no improvement with the treatments and on Monday, first thing, Marsha took her to one of the best spinal specialists in Tustin California.

The specialist recommends surgery as soon as possible, stating that the injury to the spinal disk is too bad to heal with medications and laser therapy. The sooner the surgery, the better the recovery!

Kurumi’s story and fundraising so far

She is just 3 years-old. Marsh adopted her from a rescue, even fostering her brother until he got adopted. She’s a sweet, good dog and would greatly benefit from this surgery.

Marsha has been working very hard to get funding for her, taking out a care-credit line, but also getting a number of organizations to provide grants for Kurumi’s care. She has gotten Actors and Others for Animals, OSPCA, The Saddleback Humane Society and a few others all on board!

All in with her own money and credit-line, and the grants, Marsha has paid for Kurumi’s care until now, and has about 2/3 of the funding! The surgery is expensive, probably over $5000.00 but we just need to raise about $2000.00 to get there with what Marsha has!

All donations are for Marsha’s care only, and paid only to Veterinary Surgical Specialists for the surgery! So donate in confidence and let’s get Kurumi walking again soon!! WOOOOOF!

Estimate for the surgery:


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