Good family boy needs a spinal tap and other extensive tests.
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Kratos is a lovable and loyal dog who just turned 7. He’s been a cherished member of Lauren’s family for years, but unfortunately, he’s been struggling with a serious health issue. Kratos is epileptic, and despite numerous trips to the vet, they still don’t know why.

Recently, their regular vet recommended that Kratos undergo an MRI to rule out a brain tumor or fluid on the brain. The MRI would cost $6,000, a daunting amount for a family living on one income with four children, including a new baby who is only 19 months old.

Despite the financial strain, Lauren and her family have already spent $100 on medicine and another $100 for Kratos to be seen by the vet last Thursday and Friday (today is 2/27). Kratos has been experiencing small seizures, and they are concerned that without proper treatment, his condition may worsen.

They need to raise $6,000 to cover the cost of the consultation and all of the testing that they want to have performed on Kratos. As a beloved member of the family, they are determined to give him the best possible care.

The reality is that many families face unexpected financial burdens when caring for their pets. When it comes to providing medical care, the costs can quickly add up. For Lauren and her family, their situation is especially challenging as they have four children to support on a single income. Kratos is more than just a pet to them, he’s a cherished family member who has brought joy and companionship into their lives.

Donations are for Kratos only and only paid to his vet, not the owner. Vet estimate below (click to enlarge):

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