This sweet boy almost died! Quick treatment saved his life, but left his owner needing help for continued care.
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Help Keyney Get the Medical Care He Needs!

Staci is a loving owner to a 6 and a half-year-old dog named Keyney, who has been her loyal companion and emotional support animal. Unfortunately, Keyney has been struggling with a serious health issue since last November.

After noticing that Keyney was bloated, Staci immediately took him to an emergency animal hospital. The vets there diagnosed him with paracentral infusion and removed a staggering 2550 liters of fluid from his body. They initially thought that Keyney was suffering from heart failure, which prompted Staci to try to raise money for an echocardiogram. However, when she sought a second opinion, the vet found that there was no more fluid around his heart, indicating that heart failure wasn’t the cause of his condition.

Staci is now seeking further testing to determine the root cause of Keyney’s illness. Unfortunately, she has already spent around $3000 on tests and treatments, and she’s now out of money. As an in-home care provider for adults with disabilities, Staci’s income is limited, and she has no more funds to cover the cost of Keyney’s medical care and maxed out her credit.

Despite his illness, Keyney is still a happy and loving dog. He’s been healthy for most of his life, and he means the world to Staci. She adopted him from a friend when he was a puppy, and he’s been her constant companion ever since. As an emotional support animal, Keyney provides Staci with much-needed comfort and support.

Keyney’s current treatment involves managing kidney stones, which are believed to be the cause of his condition, but Staci needs additional funds to pursue further testing to determine the full extent of his illness. His stones need to be tested, he needs an ultrasound, consult with specialist, just a lot of stuff to get him back to normal!

Your generosity can make a huge difference in Keyney’s life. With your help, Staci can provide Keyney with the medical care he needs to make a full recovery. All donations are for Keyney only, and only paid to the veterinarian, not the owner. Donate in confidence! Thank you.

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  • Anonymous

    He’s such a handsome strong boy

    March 11, 2023 at 6:46 pm Reply