Big dog has two bad knees!

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About the Campaign

Kenai is a big big boy!

And he has two real bad knees.

He’s a rescued dog, his family (the Sardilli’s) got him from the shelter when he was just a year old. Kenai was already nearly 150lbs then, and no one was adopting him because he just looked too scary! But he is just a big ol’ lovebug!

Daughter Allyson with Kenai:

After about six months Kenai started limping. It turns out he has torn ACLs, both knees the ligament is torn. In dogs this condition will not heal on it’s own, and can only be corrected with surgery. Surgery must be done on one knee at a time, and Kenai had his first surgery in the summer.

He has now recovered, and that leg is doing great! But the problem is that his other leg is even worse now. Kenai is just two years old, and he has been super playful and loved to run around, but now he mostly lies in bed. Why? Because it hurts. He is taking daily pain medications, but they have side-effects over time. The bottom line is he needs one more surgery on his other leg.

His family spent almost $9000.00 on his first diagnosis and surgery, and this second surgery looks to be about $5000. They financed most of the first one with Care Credit, which they are still paying off, and which is maxed out. All donations here are just for Kenai, and we hold them all and pay them to surgeon when the surgery takes place! No donations go to the owner or anyone else other than the veterinarian. If you can help Kenai get the surgery he needs to have a great and normal life, please consider it today! Thank you.

Estimate for surgery (click to enlarge):

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  • Marlene Hammond

    If I only could have saved my Casper with a miracle. But sadly I couldn’t.
    My son’s baby kitty was hurt pretty badly not too long ago and it was by loving ppl and their donations that saved her legs. One hip surgery and another to put tiny pins in her foot to reconnect it. All boarding and medication even follow up. She’s doing really well. Considering it was maybe a month ago. All and all her surgeries ran up to over 5000. People we didn’t know helped. Reminder to all check your motors before starting your vehicles. Cold weather is in our midst. This is how his babygirl mitzy was injured. So I am paying it forward. As many have forgotten how to do.

    November 2, 2022 at 7:52 am Reply

    • Melissa Sardilli


      We are so blessed by your story of Casper and Mitzy. Thank you for sharing. And we thank you so much for your generous giving! We are getting there. Every penny counts, and thank you everyone who has donated. We are blessed by all of you!!


      The Sardilli Family

      November 12, 2022 at 10:25 am Reply

    • Melissa Sardilli

      Thank you all so much for donating to our boy, Kenai!! We have only a few days left and a long way to go to reavu out goal. Please consider sharing this campaign. We greatly appreciate you!!

      November 26, 2022 at 7:28 am Reply

  • Melissa Sardilli

    Oh my goodness!!! We are so humbled amd thankful!!! We can’t thank you enough for helping us, and to everyone who has blessed us and our precious Kenai. His surgery is scheduled for Dec 12th. Thank you so much!!!!! ❤️

    December 1, 2022 at 5:03 am Reply