Kassie Marie

Huge tumor has suddenly grown up and burst! This poor girl needs surgery urgently to remove it and get a full check up.

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About the Campaign

She has a big ol’ tumor,

and it needs to be removed.

There is a picture of the tumor below, and you can see it is quite large, and had ruptured. Kassie had this growth for a while, but in the last two weeks it suddenly grew three times or more in size, and started bleeding. Also, the tumor had be soft, but is now rock hard, which is a sign of cancer.

Urgent care:

Her owner Dianna has had Kassie Marie since she was born, almost 12 years now. This tumor had been there for a while, but had been soft and the doctor had said it was not an emergency to remove. Dianna had slowly been trying to save up money for surgery, but now things have changed.


With the growth and rupture, Kassie Marie went to a new vet, VCA Hilltop in Redding. She went in first as an emergency, and then back again on Sunday July 7th to get an estimate.

Back for pain meds, antibiotics and an estimate:

Now Dianna is basically out of money. She lives on a rural property in an already rural area near Mount Shasta in northern California. She gets by on disability assistance, she has COPD, caretaking a rural property in exchange for living in a small trailer with limited facilities. She does not have credit available, and will not be able to save up for this surgery in any reasonable amount of time.

So to get Kassie Marie the procedure she needs, Kassie Marie needs donations! You can see her estimate below, and all donations are paid only to the vet for Kassie Marie’s surgery. Please click on the estimate to enlarge it for easier reading:


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