Kali the Therapy Dog

She works at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and now needs our help with her leg injury, so she can walk and play again!

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About the Campaign

The Rescue Pup that Volunteers!

Kali was rescued off of Craigslist at 8 weeks of age by Johnathan. She grew up to be a very calm Chow-Shibu mix that is great with kids. So Johnathan got Kali registered as a Therapy Dog with Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

Kali goes to the hospital twice a month and visits the children. The hospital lets the children play with the dogs, and those children that are too ill to get out of bed get to have the dog on their bed with them! It’s a great program and Kali is very good at it.

Kali’s Hospital Badge:

What Happened

Kali is very active and goes hiking and running a lot. During one such activity she injured her right rear leg and will need TPLO surgery to repair it. Basically the knee joint is totally torn, and no longer works properly. TPLO surgery is now quite standard and has a very high success rate.

It is important that Kali get surgery soon. Not only is she in pain, and cannot use her rear leg, and thus cannot run and play…. but the risk to injure her other rear leg, since she has to put her full weight on one leg, is much higher!

Back to Work!

Right now Kali cannot volunteer at the hospital! Getting registered as a therapy dog is a long process, taking many months and requiring a number of fees and a lot of paperwork. Now that Kali is approved it is a real shame she can’t be there!



What is Needed

Kali needs TPLO surgery, an orthopedic procedure that is not cheap. Johnathan is a young man who works for a non-profit himself, and cannot afford the cost. He has been working hard to get Kali the help she needs, visiting numerous vets, and has worked the price down from his first estimate:


New Estimate:

To now a much lower $2900.00. In our experience this is a good price for TPLO surgery, which is specialized and requires follow up care. Let’s help Kali walk again and get back to visiting kids!!! Please make a donation today, and also help share her story! WooooooF!



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    Good Luck!

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