Rescued dog has a broken femoral head, and needs orthopedic surgery to live a normal, pain free life!
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This is Juneau! Also known as Juni, and Ju-ju. A Husky-Bully mix, she is just 18 months old!

Juneau was found running stray along a local road in the high desert north of Los Angeles. A local boarding kennel took her in, and it turns out she has a painful broken bone!

She is sweet, loving, and everything you would want in a dog. When found she had a slight limp in her right rear leg. When taken to the veterinarian for her spay they did an x-ray the affected area. To everyone’s surprise we found a significant injury!

The femoral head, the ball joint that connects her leg to her hip socket was broken clean through! The veterinarian suspects she was hit by a car, as this type of break requires a bit of force. We have an orthopedic specialist who is willing to do the necessary surgery at a reduced price, but even so, it is a good deal of money.

Juneau is such a stoic good girl! The doctor says she clearly must be in pain, but she works through it. But this injury cannot heal on its own. Juneau needs this surgery to be pain free, live normally and get adopted! Let’s get her there and make 2022 a great year for this sweet doggo!! All donations are only paid to the vet clinic when surgery is done, and we have thoroughly discussed this case with the doctor and confirmed all the details, donate in confidence! Thank you and WOOOF!

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  • Heidi Esslinger

    Fingers crossed for Juni (that is the actual German name of the month June:-)
    May she jump and run happily in 2022!

    December 31, 2021 at 2:10 pm Reply

  • Jacqueline Araujo

    I have a heathy Husky and HuskyGP mix that I am blessed with. I hope this small amount helps Juneau get the surgery needed.

    January 8, 2022 at 1:53 pm Reply