Josie the Kitty Cat

A mass on her spleen is shifting her organs and causing stomach issue too... she needs it examined and possibly removed soon.
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About the Campaign

Josie got some problems!

At Thanksgiving 2018 Josie vomited. Nothing amazing, cats do that. But then she did it again that night. And then the next day, twice, and she was not really moving around like her usual self.

Her owner Domi was keeping her for his mother, and he took her to the vet where they did some tests and x-rays.

Mass on her spleen

Josie has a mass on her spleen. It is growing and pushing her other organs, including her stomach, around. The doctor says it is probably painful for her at times, and will get worse.

Josie is from the shelter

Domi’s mom got Josie from the Los Angeles animal shelter when she was a kitten 7 years ago. Domi and his mom lived together then. Since then Domi has moved out, and his mom has a new place that doesn’t allow cats, so Josie has been living with Domi since the move.

The family has the money to get her initial testing done, but now the vet says that surgery is necessary, and the estimate is fairly high. We are pretty sure the mass will need to be removed, and it is not the easiest surgery out there… with all the testing and follow up Josie will need we know this will be well over $2000.00 in the end.

Vet Documents

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