Jodi Foster

The worst knees the doctor had ever seen. Jodi has a chance with specialist at UC Davis, and needs a full model of her knees made.

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Jodi can barely stand up,

her doctor says it is the worse case he ever saw.

Jodi Foster has a birth defect, and both her knees are turned wrong, and basically dislocated. She has been this way her whole life, and is now four, and just does not know anything different.

Jodi and her sister were at the Baldwin Park animal shelter in the Los Angeles area. Someone turned them into the shelter, probably a so called back-yard breeder. Both were set to be euthanized. A Oregon based rescue (their Facebook page) took them both. Since then they have been giving Jodi regular water therapy at their pool, and working with her as best as possible.

Jodi and her sister at the shelter:

However, Jodi’s condition is extreme and requires surgery. She is a very sweet and playful dog, and with surgery will change her life! She will be able to run and play like all the other “normal” dogs, and the chronic pain that she probably thinks is just the way things are, that will be gone!

The procedure is more complicated that the typical knee surgery, and will be done at UC Davis in California. The first step is that they need to make a full 3-D model of her knees, so the doctor can plan the surgery. So, Jodi needs a CT-scan of both knees. This first step for Jodi will be huge, and the rescue needs help paying for Jodi. All donations here are just for her! Let’s help this girl have the life she doesn’t even know is possible, please donate to Jodi today.


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