Jelly Mocha

This boy is really sick and needs some testing urgently.
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About the Campaign

Rescued from the shelter last Summer,

his family needs a little help with his bills.

“Jelly Mocha Latte Stitch” is his full name! Why? Because Jessica, who adopted him from Devore animal shelter, let her four children name him, and everyone got to add a name, lol. But we’ll just call him Mocha, even though he is a boy, Mocha doesn’t mind 🙂

Vet believes he was born with a missing eye

Jessica adopted Mocha because he looked so sad in the shelter, and he also had boils on him, inflamed skin and even ticks. And the poor guy was only about 6 months old!

A photo of Mocha in the shelter

Since adopting him Jessica has spent almost $5000 on treatments. First there was just getting him healthy after the shelter, those boils and ticks and all that… but though his skin improved some, Mocha had other problems come up. The worst two are consistent bloody poop, and vomiting. Yeah, not good.

The doctors have done a number of tests, and Jessica and family have done a number of diet changes, but little has helped. Currently they have gotten Mocha to hold down food better with a most vegetarian diet with eggs. But it’s not ideal, and he still has the blood in his poop all the time. Also, though his boils are gone, he still has inflamed skin, and has to have regular antiseptic baths.

Doctors now want to move up to some more expensive and specific tests, for example, they have done multiple fecal tests, which have not helped figure out the problem, so they want to move to a sample of intestinal tissue. These tests will be about $900, and good news, Jessica has gotten $400 in help from the Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals. So that just leaves $465 that Mocha needs right now, and all donated monies will be paid directly to the vet.

Message from the Foundation to Jessica

Vet estimate for testing (click to enlarge):

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