Jasmine needs a liver shunt!

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About the Campaign

Jasmine is a 9 month old purebred Chihuahua  with some serious liver problems. A blood vessel in her liver did not fully develop causing the entire liver disfunction.  Surgery needs to be done to put in a shunt.

Eliza and her family recently got Jasmine  not to long ago and after getting her spayed in Oct. they realized that something was wrong. Jasmine stopped eating, became lethargic, started throwing up and barely weighed 2 pounds. That’s when they took her in and found that she is need of a working liver.

Now, Jasmine is on about 4 different medications and just reached 3 pounds and we’re hoping that number keeps going up.

Eliza is on County assistance and can’t afford to pay for Jasmine’s surgery . She doesn’t know what she’d do with out her. Jasmine acts as Eliza’s emotional support animal aiding her through anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic will conduct the surgery and Eliza and her family have done as much as they can to get donations, loans and grants. They’ve also set up a GoFundMe account and have managed to raise about $100. She’s grabbed all members of her family to help spread the word. Out of the 6k Surgery, we’re helping raise 2100 to help this cutie get her liver working.


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