Needs his heart and his tummy checked out, chronic illness is impacting his life.

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About the Campaign

Little rescue kitty is 

having a couple problems.

Jake is from the shelter, Linda adopted him as a companion for her other cat Jessie a few years ago. He and Jessie were instant best friends, and Jake has been a very active and friendly cat since then. He likes to meet people, get attention and play with Jessie. But he started acting unlike himself. Not playing, hiding, tied.

He went to the ER and they said it appeared to be a blockage, and a one of thing. He got treatment, he got better, for a while. Only a while though. Jake has now been getting ongoing treatment and Linda, who is a senior citizen in her 80s, now took him to a cat specialist.

The specialists says Jake needs dental surgery, and this may help him a lot actually. They also want to do a test to see what is going on with his digestive system. But, Jake has a heart murmur, and this needs to be checked out with an Echo Cardiogram before he can have surgery. Linda is on a limited fixed income, but she has a plan with the specialist and her vet.

Jake will get the heart test and exam of his digestive system at the specialist. The dental surgery will then be done at her vet, as it is a lot cheaper. Linda has credit for the dental surgery. She also has some savings for the specialist’s part, but not enough. That’s where Jake needs help. All donations are to help cover his bill to get his heart and tummy tested, to get him back to good health. And all donations are paid only to the vet, you can see a copy of the estimate here (click it to enlarge):


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