Skinny kitty won't eat, has Stomatitis, and needs surgery soon.
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About the Campaign

Jada has Stomatitis!

This is a disease where the gums inflame and it can become too painful to eat. The causes are not really known, and you can read more about Stomatitis in cats HERE (it also happens, rarely, in people).

Little Jada is a rescue cat, who came onto Roberta’s property as a kitten nearly nine years ago. Roberta lives in a mobile home in the San Bernardino area, east of Los Angeles, and rescues/fosters stray cats in the neighborhood. Jada is now about 10 years-old, but many years ago she was one of the outdoor cats that Roberta cares for, when she showed up one day with an infected and nasty looking eye. Roberta took her to the vet, and Jada had to have her eye removed.

After that Roberta took her into the house. Probably Jada got in a fight, and Roberta wanted to protect her now. For years Jada has been a sweet and happy rescue kitty! But recently she stopped eating, like almost completely. Roberta had seen this before, and combined with Jada’s bad breath knew it might be stomatitis. Jada went to the vet, and it was confirmed.

Too skinny:

Really the only solution for Stomatitis is to remove all the teeth and treat the gums, so it is not cheap to do. The good news is that this treatment usually works to end the pain, and effectively end the problem, and house cats will do just fine with no teeth.

Roberta and her husband are in their 70’s and on a fixed income, so the cost of the surgery is not in their budget. Jada needs all of us to come together and donate a little, so she can have her surgery. Can you help Jada with a donation today?

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):



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