Ivy has a bulge in her eye and needs surgery to fix the issue
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Ivy Diagnosed with Cherry Eye

What is Cherry Eye?

“A dog’s eye has three eyelids: an upper and lower lid, as well as a third eyelid we seldom see. The importance of the third eyelid is to give added protection to the dog’s eyes. It acts like a wipe to help keep the eye clear of dust and debris and has a tear gland that produces around 35% of the moisture to the dog’s eye. Sometimes the gland in the third eyelid, located in the corner of the eye next to the dog’s nose, slips out of place and bulges. We see it as a red or pinkish blob, and this bulge is what’s called cherry eye.” Linda Cole

This eye issue is very uncomfortable for Ivy, she can feel the eye lid swollen in the corner of her eye. Ivy is still young and likes to play with her sister, this how the eye lid was popped open the first time. It isn’t known how she got cherry eye but Ivy has had this condition over the last year. Natalia thought the cherry eye would relax and go back down to normal. Down the road if the cherry eye isn’t corrected there could be side effects, eye infections and issues with keeping her eye wet. Veterinarians suggest surgery and removing any or all of the gland to be a last resort. It is now time to get her eye fixed.

Natalia is a 1.5 year old Maltese mix. Natalia knew a lady who’s dog accidentally got pregnant and had puppies. Natalia and her family took Ivy and her sister Princess. Other than the cherry eye the two sisters have been very healthy.



Vet Estimate for Cherry Eye:


Natalia is a full time student living with her parents. She isn’t able to work while going to school and her father is the only one with an income. Any donation is appreciated.


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