Honey the Maltese

Help! I can’t pee! Really, it hurts, and is dangerous…

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About the Campaign

Sweet Honey, Poor Girl!

Bladder stones, untreated for too long, need urgent attention.

Her new owner Jessica contacted us for help. You see Jessica realized that her mom was not taking proper care of Honey, so she took the little girl in. And she noticed Honey was just not acting right. Honey was lethargic, looking depressed at times. And then her mom had been complaining that Honey peed everywhere, but Honey had always been a well trained dog.

Well, Jessica took her to the vet, and yep: bladder stones. And bad ones. Really bad. This little girl is clearly in a lot of pain and having a lot of trouble peeing. The vet was kind enough to do the x-rays at no charge, because they were really worried themselves after examining her.

The back story:

Jessica is 21 years old, and her family got Honey back when she was a teenager. Since then Jessica has moved out on her own, and recently moved to a new place that allowed her to have a dog. Her mom had been complaining about Honey, so she took her in about two weeks ago.

Jessica really wants to do what is right for Honey, but unfortunately just recently lost her job at a restaurant, and doesn’t really have any savings. As we all know it is expensive out there nowadays for a young person on their own, so she really needs help paying for Honey’s surgery!

How you can help:

All donations will be paid only to Honey’s vet. She needs surgery to remove the stones from her bladder. She may also need some work on her teeth. SHARING Honey’s story helps a lot, especially now with the new way Facebook promotes posts!!! So please SHARE!



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  • Rocio Ramos

    I am a owner of two beautiful, loving and loyal Beagles. I am a low income parent to them, I know how hard and sad is when I can find affordable medical attention for them, so I hope this can help Honey’s owner alleviate her sadness.

    April 18, 2018 at 10:50 am Reply