Little dog has a thyroid tumor that is making her very sick.

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About the Campaign

Henriette has a lot of health problems,

but it is all coming from one issue: her thyroid.

Henriette was in the Orange County animal shelter, found stray and not getting adopted, so Pamela adopted her. Now some years later Henriette has a tumor on her thyroid.

She had been acting ill, including vomiting, at the end of June and went to the vet. Tests revealed her thyroid was way, way out of balance which got her an ultrasound in July, and a confirmation that she had a thyroid tumor. Because she is a small dog and this surgery is delicate, her regular doctor and a specialist he uses both referred Pamela to another surgeon.

From there the estimate came in and it is quite high, probably around $8000. In the meantime Pamela has been treating Henriette’s symptoms with medications, and has done some holistic treatments too like ozone therapy. Henriette has great days where she is totally normal, and a happy energetic dog, but she also has bad days. The overall consensus from all the doctors is the same: she needs the tumor removed.

All donations here are only for Henriette, and only paid directly to the doctor for her surgery. No money is paid to Pamela or any other person. Pamela has health issues herself and is on Medical (California Medicaid) and foodstamps, so she just does not have the money for this procedure. If we all come together, a lot of small donations could make a BIG difference for Henriette.

Some vet bills (click to enlarge):

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