Needs jaw surgery. The first step is to get her seen by a specialist, which is fairly urgent.

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About the Campaign

A bone tumor on her lower jaw, 

and a fracture with bone decay.

Hazel is not feeling well. Her owner Jesenia felt a weird bump on the bottom of her jaw while petting Hazel and took her to the vet, a non-profit: No Paws Left Behind in Covina, CA.

There Hazel had dental surgery removing over 10 teeth, extensive x-rays, and a biopsy. The bump is in the jaw bone. The doctor doesn’t know if it is an infection, or a tumor. But they did discover that the bone is decaying and their is a fracture from the decay.

So now Hazel needs a specialist. The surgery she will need on her jaw is not something that can be done at a typical vet clinic. Hazel was referred to MASH (Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital) in LA. Jesenia already spent over $2000, using credit and loan from her family member, she cannot afford the specialist.

Great update! Kind of… The biopsy results came back and it is not cancer! But, it also is not an infection, which would have been better as that is more easily treated. Hazel has bone decay, and dead (necrotic) bone tissue. No cancer, means no cancer spread, and no chemotherapy after surgery. But necrotic tissue is also very dangerous. It can spread, and her entire jaw can rot away, and it can be fatal. Hazel needs surgery, and it must be with a specialist. (Here full report is HERE: HAZEL-PINEDA)

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise the money for the consultation with the specialist and then for the surgery. All donations are held, and only paid to the vet when Hazel is seen and treated! We will update as test results come in and when we get a detailed treatment plan from the specialist.


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