Harley and Huey

Huey needs urgent dental surgery, and his owner is disabled, just returned from the hospital.

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About the Campaign

Huey has really bad teeth,

he’s in pain and needs surgery.

His brother Harley has a bad eye that needs to be looked at, and a microchip, but he is doing OK! Both these boys are 11 years old and are real brothers. Their owner Christine Smith had a serious stroke and aneurysm earlier this year, and has only been back home for about a month.

Christine is able to get around, with effort, and can take basic care of her dogs, but she has memory problems and other issues. Fortunately her good friend Monica is helping out (as are others) so Harley and Huey are able to stay with Christine, and there are people to take them to the vet and stuff like that.

But Christine basically has no money, and is fully disabled. She and her friends are working on getting her financial support, but it takes a long time, isn’t a lot, and is not easy. Right now Huey has to get to the vet. His teeth were already doing badly before Christine got ill, and since then it has been many months. Harley has an old eye injury that needs to be looked at again, but he is otherwise healthy. Also Monica found out that for some reason Harley is not microchipped, but Huey is… not sure why.

Huey’s teeth:

At Free Animal Doctor we reviewed this case and talked with the people involved. The dog’s previous vet is no longer available, but we were able to get them an appointment at a great vet we know, and Monica is going to take them in this week (the first full week of July). It’s pretty urgent for Huey and we were lucky to get this last minute appointment, so we went ahead and set it up though we had not yet started the fundraiser.

So we need some quick help for Harley and Huey here! If you can donate to these pups care, we are guessing it will be about $1500.00. The doctor knows the situation and is giving Harley and Huey a great deal, and honestly right now we are just lucky to be able to get them in! There is a long wait at a lot of veterinarians in California right now.

All donations are held by us at FAD, and are only paid to veterinarian, not the owner or other private party, your donation goes to Harley and Huey!! Thank you.

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  • Laura Anjoorian

    Wishing all 3 of you great health! Stay strong!

    July 7, 2022 at 3:06 pm Reply