Tore up his left knee very badly, cannot walk on it at all…. will not heal without surgery.

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Young man

tore his knee.

Gyro is just three years old, but his knee is so bad the doctor knew what was wrong on first sight: A torn CCL, the ligament in the knee akin to the ACL in people.

Gyro had a slight limp last year, after getting in some rough and tumble play with a large dog, but at a visit to the vet the doctor thought it was no big deal, just gave some medications and said it should be fine. But recently Gyro started holding his leg up all the time, and has trouble standing up.

A visit to a specialist has now confirmed, he needs TPLO surgery, a procedure to repair the knee. It will not get better on it’s own, and since he now puts most of the weight on his other leg, Gyro risks injuring that knee also. This means he can’t go much, has to lay around the house. No life for a young man! And of course, it is very painful.

His owner lost her job at the beginning of the year, so money is difficult as is credit. She has some savings to put toward the procedure, but these knee surgeries are expensive and have only been going up in price, and fast! All donations here are just for Gyro, paid directly to his vet when the surgery is done. The estimate is below, click it to enlarge:

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