Poor Gucci has the lost the complete use of her back legs! Please help Gucci walk again.
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About the Campaign

This is Gucci

Gucci is a loving, hyper active, 4 year old, Pit mix who has recently loss all mobility of her hind legs. Can you imagine what this poor girl is going through? One day, Gucci is running around the yard, playing and having fun and the next day she can barely stand. How confusing and stressful that must be for her. That stress is also lived by Gucci’s owner, Helen and her family. Surprised, confused, and terrified, Helen and her family need your help in order to help Gucci walk again.

“Out of no where Gucci slowly stopped moving”. Helen said. Day by day Gucci stopped jumping, and then, she stopped running. Eventually, Gucci lost the ability to walk and now, she’s lost full mobility. When Gucci stoped running and didn’t exhibit her normal high energy behavior, Helen and her family took Gucci to the vet. She was prescribed some pain medication and sent home. Things didn’t seem to get much better. Once Gucci slowly stopped walking, Helen and her family quickly tried to gather as much information as they could online. Gucci had begun gaining weight and had terribly low energy. In hopes of reviving her, Helen’s mother changed Gucci’s diet and begun exercising her muscles. This helped a lot!

The change in diet and exercise allowed Gucci to lose a bit of weight and take the pressure off her legs. However, it wasn’t until Gucci saw a specialist that Helen and her family realized this wasn’t and orthopedic problem. Gucci had a herniated disc. A common injury for smaller dogs and slightly less common for larger, Gucci’s herniated disc seemed even more rare for her size and breed. Although Gucci cannot move her hind legs she does experience pain sensation. A tricky part about these surgeries is that about 95 percent of the patients who can still feel the hind limbs can make a complete recovery if surgery is done quickly. Otherwise, the outlook is much less favorable. Luckily, for Gucci she’s the former and this surgery could provide Gucci with full mobility. However, there is a possibility of these surgery being cancerous (it’s too soon to tell-have to determine during surgery).

Helen and her family are doing all they can to get Gucci the surgery she needs. They’ve exhausted majority of their resources through diagnostics and current treatment. Unfortunately, they’re experiencing hard financial times and damage to their property, making any additional funding quite scarce. They’ve even applied for Carecredit but unfortunately was denied. They’ve begun a Gofundme campaign to generate funding and they hope the Free Animal Doctor campaign will do the same.  Helen and her family have had Gucci for 4 years. Helen’s father rescued Gucci off the streets and they welcomed her into their home. A stray, roaming around in the high desert, Gucci had no one but now she has a loving family who will jump through hoops to improve her quality of life.

Gucci’s Gofundme Page

Currently, Gucci is on a number of medications and she’s partially able to carry herself. However, she’s having difficulty using the bathroom. Gucci urinates on herself from not being able to stand. This is where time plays a factor! Gucci needs this surgery ASAP! The longer she waits, the more complicated the surgery. If Gucci loses her bowel and bladder functions this can cause a much more serious issue during surgery. Gucci is so affectionate and very sweet, this poor girl doesn’t deserve to be in this much pain. It’s a race against time, Please help Gucci walk again!

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