Needs his tail to be clipped to prevent further damage
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Goliath needs his tail amputated 

Meet Goliath! He has happy tail syndrome. This occurs when he smacks his tail against abrasive objections and cuts the tail. Dogs can’t be taught not to wag their tag so Goliath will continue to cut his tail open until the tag is amputated.

This is a real condition, and can be dangerous for the dog.


Here is how a veterinarian explains happy tail: “What happens is the tail whips against an object, and this eventually breaks the skin. This is accompanied by lots of blood. But the dog doesn’t learn and continues to wag near the offending object, causing further tail trauma.” – Petful 

Goliath has gone to the vet multiple times with the tail issue so the vet said it is time to discuss removing most of the tail. What happens is he comes inside the house and being a big dog will hit his tail against objects in the house and cause the damage. His tail will bleed and then he starts to lose his fur.

Goliath is a family dog. He was adopted from a family friend who had puppies. That was two years ago. The whole family fell in love with him and decided Goliath to be their big dog. Typically, the family wouldn’t need assistance but the father’s work hours have been cut so money is tight.

Goliath has been staying outside more due to his injuries. Let’s help Goliath get healthy so he can get back inside.


The amputation vet estimate is:



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