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Ghost wants to run and play, but he can't breathe, especially in this hot LA summer.
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I wanna play!

I wanna run!

But I can’t breathe!

This is Ghost’s problem… this playful and happy guy has Stenotic Nares. In short, he can barely breathe through his nose, and it actually gets worse the more excited he gets.

One thing Ghost loves to do is play with his ball, and that combination of activity and having the ball in his mouth really makes his problem worse, you can see in this video that even with limited activity he has to drop the ball and stop playing.

Ghost is a young boy, just a little over one year old. A few months ago his owner Jose noticed that Ghost was really having trouble breathing at the park, after running. A visit to the doctor confirmed the condition, which is common in this breed, and many “smushed face” types. It is a birth defect, basically, he was born with it. But there is a surgery to fix the problem, and it has a very good prognosis.

Ghost’s surgery has been arranged, and at a very good price. Summer is almost here, and Summer and Fall in Los Angeles where Ghost lives can get hot, which makes it even worse for him. This little guy wants to go to the park. He wants to play ball. He wants to run with the kids and be a dog! Let’s help him have that life. A donation here is specifically for Ghost and only paid to his vet when the Nares surgery is done. Can you help Ghost today?

Wikipedia article with more links to information on this condition is HERE.

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  • Jacky Tomlinson

    Love handsome ghost! I pray he gets the money raised for his surgery!

    June 15, 2022 at 9:52 pm Reply

  • Liberty Ronan

    I don’t have much but as a fellow campaigner and a Frenchie owner I wanted to contribute. It’s hard for the smoosh faces to breathe in the heat without health problems. I wish him a smooth recovery. All dogs should be able to play without worrying about breathing ❤️

    June 20, 2022 at 11:33 am Reply