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Donate here to help the animals of writers on strike receive the urgent and necessary care they need.

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About the Campaign

Support for Animals

Fund for pets of SAG and WGA members on strike

In our seven years as a non-profit operating in California, we have met many writers, actors and others working in Hollywood, and so many have “rescue” cats and dogs. Pets they have found stray and taken in, pets they have adopted from shelters, pets they have adopted from rescue organizations.


Now these same people are not working, and probably for a protracted time. Money, always tight for writers, is gone. Credit cards are maxing out. Credit may not be available. But pets still get injured. Dogs get diagnosed with something that must be taken care of right away. Cats need a steady, consistent supply of an important medication.

15 year-old Cooper walking the lines!

No cat or dog should delay urgent care, put of important treatment, or stop taking necessary medication. No one who had the great heart to rescue an animal should now feel that they may need to give them up because of lack of resources. This fund is for those dogs and cats, to make sure they can still get the care they need and stay in their loving home during this strike.


How it works:

Simple, if you would like to contribute to help the pets of striking writers, donate here (scroll down). All the donations are then used to pay for treatment for the pets of members of the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) and SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) pets who have an important and necessary treatment that should not be delayed. No fee is deducted, 100% of your donation goes to the animals, and we pay the veterinarian directly. No individual, no owner receives any money.

You can donate here, on this page, and we will distribute the funds as most urgently needed. You may also donate to any specific case above. Or both! Help all the animals and find one that touches your heart specifically and also help that case 🙂

Volunteer and SAG member Leanna with her dog Hercules:

About our organization:

  • Non-profit, founded in 2016
  • Raised over $1.5 million for animals in need
  • We take no fee, and we only pay the veterinarian, never the owner

If you are a member of SAG or WGA, have a pet (cat, dog or other) in need of care, and need help financially, request help at this link by filling out a short information form. We will get back to you right away:

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  • Rachelle Farberman-Kusari

    You aren’t on strike!

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