Only 3 years old and she's experienced 3 years of abuse and neglect! A SoCal Bulldog Rescue, Felicity needs your help to live a happy and healthy life.
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Meet Felicity

Felicity is a French Bulldog rescue who’s severe neglect has taken a toll on her not only physically but mentally. Depressed and highly medicated, Felicity currently spends her days at the home of Debra Munt (a foster for SoCal Bulldog Rescue). As Debra fosters Felicity, Felicity learns what it means to be loved for the very first time. Other than the ridiculous infection that has grown in her ear and other physical ailments, Felicity is doing well. She will need surgery however to have the happy, healthy life she deserves.

The following story was written by Debra.

 “It’s the worst case of neglect I’ve ever seen.”, said Dr. Kraska, during her initial review of Felicity just recently on 9/20/18.  Neglect in the truest sense of the word.  What you see in Felicity’s ears is not ‘cauliflower ear’, its from an ear infection that was never treated, as well as, living in filthy, damp conditions in a steel cage too small for her.

From what we can tell, Felicity seems to be a young adult, about 2 -3 years of age.  She was bred and sold by a breeder who didn’t do a very good job of screening the people who purchase his puppies and he didn’t stay in touch with the purchaser to make sure the dog was well taken care of throughout its life.It was clear Felicity was bought with the intent of breeding, having as many puppies as possible.  She lived her life within the confines of a steel cage, no bedding whatsoever; she lived on wires.  And you can see, the result of living on wires, by the scars on her elbows, both front and back legs.  Her feet also show the inflammation typically seen on dogs who are not provided appropriate bedding when living in a steel cage.


How do we know Felicity was kept in a steel cage too small for her? Look at the shape of Felicity’s body; it’s curved to fit into a steel cage half her size.  When Felicity was first rescued and brought home, she didn’t know how to walk – because she was never taken out of the steel cage she was held prisoner in.

SoCal French Bulldog Rescue became aware of Felicity when I received a call from the veterinarian’s office saying a known breeder was bringing in a dog to be put to sleep because of ear problems. This is how I found out about the breeder and the person who bought Felicity and mistreated her. The owner didn’t want to keep Felicity, now that she was a burden to him, so he took her back to the breeder, said he didn’t want her anymore and the breeder, not wanting to spend the money, said to put her put to sleep. He didn’t even have the decency to stay with the dog; just dropped her off at the vet and said to “…put her to sleep.”

The treatment of Felicity was inhumane, unfair, and disgusting. Thankfully, SoCal French Bulldog Rescue was contacted and Felicity is not in a steel cage any more, has a lovely bed with tons of blankets, and lives in a clean environment.  There is only one thing left to help Felicity: fund the treatment needed to bring Felicity back into health and happiness.

Not only does Felicity’s ears hurt, they itch to the point of madness. To help ease her pain, Felicity takes antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety, and pain medicine. But surgery is what will bring forever relief to Felicity.  The estimate for Felicity’s care is included here, totaling between $5,591.70 and $7,518.46, and SoCal French Bulldog Rescue is asking for your help for Felicity.

My story?  I’ve been showing Bulldogs and French Bulldogs for about 15 years now.  And about 5 years ago I started volunteering with Southern California Bulldog Rescue.  I figured if I am showing Bulldogs I should be rescuing them as well… From this point forward, I have rescued many French Bulldogs, typically under the guise of SoCal Bulldog Rescue or out of my own pocket. Obviously, this has gotten very expensive, especially with Felicity.  To have the opportunity to raise funds, I needed to start a rescue and this is where SoCal French Bulldog Rescue started… just the other day.  I have applied for my 501c3 non-profit status and am looking for volunteers to help me foster and care for those French Bulldogs in need.  And I am raising funds for Felicity’s surgery, which she so desperately needs.

Vet Diagnosis & Prognosis:

Assessment:  End stage ear disease with large mass lesion in the right external ear canal R/O: hyperplastic tissue vs. neoplasia

Recommendations:  Discussed that the changes associated with the ears may be secondary to very chronic ear disease, however, it is possible that the growth in the right ear is neoplastic.  Recommend a CT scan of the head and thorax and a biopsy of the mass in the right ear as a first step.  Bilateral TECABO is recommended to address the ear disease that is present.  Pre-operative biopsy will help to determine the extent of resection necessary on the right side.  Discussed the surgical procedure, post-op care, possible complications and prognosis.  Possible complications include facial nerve damage (typically transient), vestibular signs, incomplete removal of bulla lining and persistent infection.  Discussed anesthetic risks of a brachycephalic breed.  Discussed surgery as a single versus a staged procedure.  Increased risk of post-operative swelling leading to airway compromise with bilateral procedure, though there will be a reduced cost, as it will be a single anesthetic episode and hospitalization.  This decision can be made at the time of surgery as well, pending ease of first side, can decide on risk of proceeding with second side under same anesthetic episode.

Prognosis:  Open pending biopsy.  Good for resolution of signs with bilateral TECABO.

Felicity Estimate 9-20-18 Dr. Kraska diagnosis and prognosis


The faster Felicity can raise the funding she needs the faster she’ll be on track to having a better quality of life. The cruelty Felicity has experienced from the time she was born is unforgivable. Thankfully, once Felicity is well, she has someone who is very interested in adopting her. With promises of a good life and the likelihood of a wonderful home, all Felicity is missing now is the treatment. At Free Animal Doctor we believe that A little, helps a whole lot! In Felicity’s case it will be more than true. With the help of SoCal Bulldog Rescue, Debra Munt, Free Animal Doctor, and amazing donors combined, We’re positive Felicity will be living an awesome life very soon.

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