Everyone Loves Oreo

This little feline has a tear in his diaphragm and needs surgery ASAP!!
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About the Campaign

What started out as a stomach ache for this little cat ended up as something far worse. Oreo lost his appetite, became lethargic, and stopped eating. These were all clear signs to go to the vet. Rushed to Waterbury Veterinary Hospital, Oreo then underwent multiple tests to determine what it was that was making him ill.

After a week, Oreo’s health finally stabilized. It was finally determined that Oreo has a tear in his diaphragm causing his organs to spill into one another. This is what is the cause of his heavy breathing and odd behavior. At only 7 years old and Oreo still has more to overcome.

Trajada, Oreo’s mom has just been up and down with worry and grief. She’s doing all she can to help Oreo. She’s set up multiple fundraisers in hopes to raise funds and applied to loans as well. She is contacting every resource she can to get more help and save Oreo’s life. “. A lot of people just think he is a pet and I need to grow up but I’ve had him since I was 10 and he is more than a pet.” Trajada says. Our pets are our family and we just like her want to do everything in our ability to help them.



The cost of Oreo’s surgery is high but we’re hoping to put a small dent in it! Please help save this little guys life! After all, he’s milk’s best friend.

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