Emma The Golden

This ol’ gal has a heart murmur and a surgical cyst. She needs $354.00 for blood work and X-rays to determine if she is good candidate for surgery. Please help this beautiful Golden Retriever get some pep back in her step!

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About the Campaign

Emma Needs X-Rays and Blood Work!


One day Emma’s owner Cherilyne noticed she was looking really down. She didn’t want to move and wasn’t being very sociable. When they went to the vet they found that Emma had a heart Murmur. She also has a large cyst on the back of her neck that can only be removed surgically. In order to figure out if this 13 year old Golden Retriever is a good candidate for a $993 surgery.


She needs X-rays and Blood Work first! Emma has been apart of Cherilyne’s family since she was 8 weeks old. She got Emma from a pure bread breeder in Little Rock and has taken care of Emma with all she could.


Unfortunately, Cherilyne can’t afford to pay for Emma’s medical bills from being on permanent disability. Cherilyne and her family love Emma with all their hearts and they just want to give the ol gal chance to fight!



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