Paralyzed dog making slight improvements, needs help for therapy.

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Little farm dog got paralyzed!

No one knows how it happened. One day she was running around happy as a zooming little clam, and the next, dragging her entire rear-half. Unfortunately the owner of the farm was just going to put her to sleep… but his sister saved her. But again, bad fortune, she is partially disabled herself and not able to really care for electron.

Then some good stuff: Mike, a friend of our favorite rescuer Faith Easdale, got involved, and started helping Janet. Then Mike reached out to us. Here is the deal: Janet doesn’t have money or the ability to care for Electron. So our first step was to get a good, solid diagnosis from a vet we trust. So we got Electron to Dr. Adams at Westside Pet Clinic in Santa Monica.

You can watch the doctor’s full report in the video above. The summary: Her injury was from trauma. Meaning something hit her. A car, farm equipment, a person? Something. But it is not terribly damaged, but there is pressure on the nerve, and thus the paralysis. Will it get better? Probably not. It has been a month since the injury. We will try a steroid, Dexamethasone, at a good dosage, to see if it can reduce inflammation and possibly improve her condition.

If, IF, that works, we will look into further treatments. But it may not, and even if it does, Electron is still going to be disabled.

She’s a really sweet dog, and if you are wondering about the name, they called her “Electron” because she used to run around so much! And, we assume, because they didn’t care that she was a girl and the name was a bit off. Mike suggests we call her Electra from now on 🙂

Dr. Adams gave us a very substantial discount on her exam, which was quite thorough. And we will need to buy her a wheelchair. Later, depending on the response to the steroids, we may get into expensive therapy, like acupuncture, which Dr. Adams also thinks may help. All donations are for Free Animal Doctor, and will be used to help Electron. Oh! And if you know a good foster for a “medical dog”, please let us know!

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  • Laura Anjoorian

    Terriers are tough, you’ll be running again!

    September 30, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply

  • Laura Anjoorian

    So happy you got your wheels.

    October 15, 2022 at 10:30 am Reply