Saved from the shelter, this young girl has a large blockage internally, requiring urgent live-saving surgery.
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Electra needs emergency surgery,

She has a blockage in her intestines.

Bullies and Buddies Rescue took Electra from the Downey (California) animal shelter on Friday, June 3rd. She was severely malnourished, found stray by animal control. She weighed about 25lbs, when she should easily be 50lbs, probably more. The shelter put out a call for a rescue to take her and get her to the vet, or they would have to put her to sleep.

She got to the vet that same Friday, and initial tests were ok. She is probably only about two or three years-old. There didn’t seem to be any serious kidney or other organ damage, that can occur in a case of severe malnourishment. She ate, she drank. To watch over her one of the vet technicians took her home after hours to watch over Electra for the weekend.

At the shelter:

On Saturday she seemed ok. She even chased a ball around the yard a little bit! Hopes were high in the rescue that Electra would get better with time, and the $700 or so of tests would all continue to come back as good news. Then on Sunday afternoon she seemed to be acting lethargic.

At the foster Saturday:

As evening approached Electra wouldn’t eat, and then she wouldn’t even stand. X-rays were done, and there was a dark mass in her belly/intestines area. This is bad news. With this x-ray and her worsening condition it was decided she had to go to the emergency vet. There the rescue paid over $3000.00 in total, and more x-rays showed there is some obstruction in her intestines, what it is cannot be determined. A bone, a rock, a ball? But it has to be removed, or she will die.

This type of surgery is always delicate, but with poor Electra being so underweight there is additional danger. Fortunately she is at one of the best hospitals in the area. But it is expensive and urgent.

Jenn, founder of the rescue, at the ER vet with Electra:

Bullies and Buddies Rescue typically raises money on Facebook, but their Facebook page has been hacked for 16 days, and they still have not been able to get it back (Facebook is still investigating). Their Instagram is still good, but most money is raised on Facebook. They had rescued Electra knowing there would be costs, but they never expected this expense. The rescue has put down a $4000.00 deposit on the surgery, but it will be over $10,000 total. And Electra will need to stay in the hospital for days, which in her condition will be over $500 a day.

This sweet girl needs a lot of help! All donations are for her, and will go to the rescue which is a 501c3 non-profit. If you can donate to help Electra get the surgery and after-care she needs, please consider a donation today! It’s a lot of money, but when we all donate it adds up!! And if you cannot donate, please share this fundraiser to help the rescue get out the word. Thank you.

Vet estimate for surgery (click to enlarge):


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  • Natalie King

    Paw Prayers πŸ™ for Sweet #Electra to get all she needs to ‘Get Well’❣

    June 8, 2022 at 9:19 am Reply

  • Beth Cebra

    From myself and friend David Elliott. Speedy recovery to this little love bug. I’m rooting for youπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

    June 10, 2022 at 7:00 am Reply