Caught in a coyote trap, now you can help him get a home!
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Caught in a Coyote Trap!

“Dude”, the sweetest German Shepard mix, only about 1 year old, was found in November with his rear paw severed.

For the Love of Paws Rescue, located in Tennessee, received a phone call of a stray dog that had been hit by a car. When they responded to the area they found poor Dude, who had not been hit by a car, but certainly was injured, as you can see below (pictures shortly after he was rescued).

The area where dude was found is rural and poor, located north of Knoxville, TN on the border with Kentucky. There is no animal control, and many local people and the local sheriff call on For the Love of Paws Rescue in these cases. Based on the injury and what some residents do in the area, it is believed Dude was born a stray, and had recently gotten in a coyote trap, and had probably either ripped or chewed his foot out of it.


The rescue got Dude to a vet, and it turned out his entire foot and ankle was smashed, the best option was amputation of the right rear leg. If a dog must lose a leg, the rear leg is the best, and three-legged dogs like Dude can have a completely happy and healthy life. The rescue paid for all of this vetting and the amputation surgery and after care.

But now there is another problem: Dude needs professional training. 

Friendly, sweet with people, but no boundaries

Dude was not raised well. Actually, he wasn’t raised at all! Though he is great with people, he does not understand how to interact with other dogs. He is too aggressive when playing and greeting, cannot walk on a leash, and other behavior problems typical of a dog that grew up stray. But the good news is that Dude is good with people AND young. He can be trained, and his temperament means he can be a great, well behaved dog!

Additionally Dude is having some trouble adjusting to being a tripod (a three-legged dog). He has trouble with stairs, and floors. In this area all fosters, and most potential adopters have some steps, if not an entire staircase in their home, and hard floors, wood or tile, are common.

The Rescue needs to Hire a Trainer

For the Love of Paws Rescue receives most of their funding from grants for spay and neuter services. Their budget for helping dogs like Dude is very limited, and they have already gone over their budget with the surgery.

A certified trainer, that will take Dude in for 2 weeks, and offer a lifetime guarantee has been arranged for $695.00. Dude is healing fine. He can be a great dog. He can have a real home!

But he needs training to make him adoptable, and that is where YOU come in! Let’s get Dude a home for the holidays! He’s had it very rough, and come a long way. Now he just needs us humans to correct the neglect he suffered, he needs to learn how to live with people, and with his condition.

Can you help Dude find a home right now? All donations are only paid directly for training, specifically for Dude! Big WOOOOOOFS!

Note: The trainer will provide a written bill after Thanksgiving. We will post it here when we get it. Thank you!


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  • Dayna Lemieux

    God Bless you guys!

    November 27, 2019 at 5:42 pm Reply

  • Anne Riggs

    I’m so glad this community is helping Dude learn how to live a full and happy doggie life, his story breaks my heart and I hope he is able to overcome all he has been through.

    December 1, 2019 at 10:20 am Reply

  • Jeff Buchanan

    As a proud owner of “ACE” a tripod I was blessed to adopt from “FTLOP” we know he is in the best hands. Thanks for all you do.

    December 5, 2019 at 7:11 pm Reply

    • Lauren

      Thank you Jeff. Give Ace a hug and kiss from me. I can only hope Dude finds a family as great as Ace now has. – Lauren

      December 10, 2019 at 5:57 pm Reply

  • Lauren Jeffers

    I’m Dude’s foster Mom. I know how much he needs this training to be the good boy he wants to be. He is an amazing dog who has been thru so much yet he still has so much love and loyalty to give.

    December 10, 2019 at 6:18 pm Reply