After liver surgery, cancer has returned. Now he needs radiation treatment, but the prognosis is actually very good!
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About the Campaign

Little guy has liver cancer.

Surgery didn’t clear it all,

and the cancer has returned.

The Solis’s adopted Dude from family members over 5 years ago, to give him a better home and the loads of attention and affection they had for a dog! They got Dude registered as a Service Dog, and take him everywhere!

In 2020 Dude started having stomach problems, diarrhea then constipation, gas, etc…. The first visit to the vet didn’t really discover anything, and Dude didn’t get much treatment. He seemed ok for a while, but things got a lot worse going into 2021, and Dude was back at the vet.

Cancer Diagnosis

In March of this year (2021), a tumor was discovered on Dude’s liver. In April he had surgery to remove the tumor. The doctor was pretty sure he got the cancerous part out, but noted that it was difficult surgery and the cancer could return. Dude received frequent rechecks, and in June it was discovered the tumor had returned.
This time Dude was referred out to a specialist (and Oncologist).

A CT-Scan was done for detailed analysis, and the Oncologist recommends radiation therapy. The surgery removed a lot of the cancerous tissue, but clearly not all of it. The Oncologist believes the radiation treatment will be more thorough and is very confident in success. Of course it is impossible to be definitive, but the doctor hopes the cancer can be removed, and even if not, he believes the set back to the tumor will give Dude years of good life at a minimum.

Financial Situation

The Solis’s spent over $6000 on the first surgery for Dude. They have already paid for the CT-Scan, at almost $2000. They are both retired, on a fixed income. Mr Solis is a Vietnam Veteran. Most of their small savings has been spent on Dude, who they love very much, and now they and Dude need help paying for this radiation therapy.

Dude when a puppy

As always with Free Animal Doctor, your donation is paid only to the veterinarian when treatment is provided. We never pay the owner! Your donation will go to Dude’s treatment. If you would like to help this little guy beat cancer, please consider a donation today! Thank you and big WOOOOOOOOFS!!

Cost of the CT-scan, already paid (click to enlarge):

Estimate for radiation treatment (click to enlarge):


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  • Anonymous

    Dude has a precious spirit and a loving soul. ❤ He is a treasured family member.

    July 28, 2021 at 7:49 am Reply

  • Chantik Chavez

    Get well soon.

    July 28, 2021 at 10:54 am Reply

  • Patricia Raymond

    He looks like such a happy Dude!

    July 28, 2021 at 11:56 am Reply