Little rescue guy got misdiagnosed, turns out he has a number of serious problems that need treatment before he can be adopted.

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He was with 37 other dogs,

hoarding situation in California.

Diego is a good boy, from a bad situation. A lady in rural Riverside County in California had collected 37 small dogs over the years. She managed to care for them, not in the best or most thorough way, but she kept them fed and fairly clean. Then she died.

At the location in Riverside:

Her husband, elderly and somewhat disabled was left caring for them by himself. Fortunately he asked for help and rescuers got involved. A vet came an inspected all the dogs, and they were distributed to various rescue organizations. Diego ended up going to Oregon with Soul2Soul Animal Rescue.

Soul2Soul took a number of dogs from the situation, but it turned out that Diego was misdiagnosed by the visiting doctor. His back teeth are terrible, infected and need removal. Also, what was reported as a minor hernia is a tumor and must be removed an biopsied.

Diego’s back teeth:

At the vet in Oregon:

Diego is a friendly and fun little guy, but he can get snippy when you go near his mouth, and we can all guess why. He cannot be adopted until all healed up and his tumor is figured out… but also he needs to get out of pain, he will be a happier guy and a better adoption candidate! All donations are for Diego, to get him dental surgery, tumor removal and a biopsy. If the tumor is benign he will go up for adoption, and if he has terminal cancer the rescue will put him with a hospice family. Support the good work of Soul2Soul in rescuing animals by directly supporting Diego today!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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