Dexter’s Care

Dexter needs on going care to stay a strong and active doggie for his best friend Ryker.

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About the Campaign

A boy, his dog 

and a positive story!

Doggy Dexter and his boy Ryker are best friends. Dexter had some serious health concern, including possibly cancerous tumors. We did a fundraiser for Dexter, you all came through, and Dexter had surgery. It was a great success! Tumors are gone:

Dexter going in for tumor surgery:

Tumors are gone!

And Dexter is cancer free with a very positive diagnosis! Ryker and Dexter should have many years left, which is fabulous!

Now, a bit of the bad part: Ryker’s adoptive-father passed away (also from cancer) last year, and it is just him and his grandmother Marsha now. Money is tight, and in fact things are quite difficult. And Dexter has a condition called Cushing’s. It is easily managed with a daily pill and with this medication a dog with Cushing’s will have a normal life, of normal length.

The problem is that the pills are about $100 a month and Dexter needs a specialized test every three to six months to make sure the dosage is correct. Over doing it can cause another condition, so the medication amount has to be monitored on a regular basis, and this test is over $200 plus the vet exam fee. Ryker and his grandmother just cannot afford it. So we have set up this fund for a year of care for Dexter.

All donations are for Dexter’s medical care, specifically his Cushing’s medication and testing. Donations are paid to the vet only, and only for Dexter!

Pricing from the vet (click to enlarge):

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