Darling, Sunder

Sunder has a growth on her shoulder that needs to be removed ASAP or it will cause her mobility issues.
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About the Campaign

This cute, 9 year old, Lab mix, is Sunder. Sunder has a mass growing on her right shoulder that will soon begin to cause her mobility issues. The growth has been monitored by her vet for sometime, but now it’s about time for this bad boy to be removed. Within the past 6 months to a year the growth has rapidly grown in size. If not removed, Sunder will experience complications throughout her everyday life. But this ol gal still loves to play, run, and go outside. With many years left, we want Sunder to be as happy and as comfortable as she can be. 

Sunder’s owner, Tony is doing the responsible thing and nipping this problem in the butt. Tony cannot afford the surgery at the moment. Life has taken quite a turn for Tony and it’s hitting him hard financially. However, Sunder, his best friend will not suffer through this rough transition. Tony will make sure of it.

Tony and Sunder came together over 8 years ago. He was searching for a companion at the time and was visiting many animal shelters in search of “the one”. Finally, he came across Sunder. She was so happy to meet him, playful, and loving, he signed the papers that day and took her home! “She’s the perfect dog” Tony says. So doesn’t she continue to deserve a perfect life?

PDF of Estimate: TreatmentPlan_Showman, Sunder_822018_084626

Please help Sunder get her growth removal!

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