Daisy the Pug

Only 8 months old and poor Daisy needs a Femoral head & Neck Ostectomy. Please help this Sweet girl get surgery.
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About the Campaign

Daisy is a feisty, 8 month old, Pugster that could really use your help! Unfortunately Daisy’s bones just didn’t develop properly and it’s causing her great pain and discomfort. This poor girl cannot walk and is reliant on her family to assist her with everyday rituals, like going out. The longer Daisy waits to have surgery, the more her muscle deteriorates and atrophies. 

At just 8 weeks old Daisy found her forever home with Eileen and her family. Daisy was bought as a present for Eileen’s youngest daughter’s birthday present. As it is every child’s dream to have a puppy, the Sakaoghli family found them selves adding a new adorable member. Daisy was the sweetest, kindest, and friendliest little pug you could imagine. She loves spending time with her 3-legged, feline friend, Lola and her Boxer buddy Harley. There’s a whole lot of love going around and Daisy is the center of it!



One day, Daisy began lifting her right leg and holding it up.  At first it was thought that she might be joking around or she might have pulled a muscle. After a couple days of Daisy not getting better, it was time to take  her to the vet! The vet concluded that this little pup needed surgery and she needed it asap. She was put on crate rest but after a few weeks of not using her legs, her muscle began to deteriorate.

As we speak poor Daisy’s feet are slipping out from underneath her because her little puppy legs are still learning how to adjust. She’s on anti-inflammatory medication and pain medication. In the prime of her life, Daisy should be running, jumping, playing, and having a ball! But she’s stuck to limited mobility because her bones just didn’t develop properly. The Sakaoghli family’s heart just breaks over not being able to get Daisy the care she needs. The truth is, it’s a lot of money. Especially for a big family with a love for animals. They just cannot afford surgery at this time.

Daisy’s family had set up a Gofundme in order to gain funding but aren’t having much luck.

Estimate: VCA for Daisy

So, we’re asking you, our amazing donors to give this poor pup a paw!


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