Daisy Dog

Rescued from the streets, she needs surgery to remove mammary tumors and cysts.
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About the Campaign

Saved from the streets!

Found wandering around the streets just south of Los Angeles, Daisy is now safe and adopted but needs surgery. Sandy and her boyfriend saw this poor dog wandering, skinny, and followed her to find she was sleeping in an alleyway. They bought some food and brought it to her, only to find out she was actually super friendly! They popped a collar and leash on and Daisy happily went with them!

Daisy in the Alleyway:


It turned out the Daisy was not microchipped, and no owner came forward. She appeared ill, and Sandy reached out to rescues for help. She found Renegade Rescue in Alhambra, California who recommended a vet and Daisy went in, and was immediately diagnosed with Pyometra, a deadly infection of the uterus. Sandy and the rescue paid almost $1500 for the emergency surgery.

Daisy (now) in three pics!

The doctor, of course, also saw that Daisy had mammary tumors and cysts, and needed surgery for these, but the Pyometra surgery was an emergency, and due the danger of infection the doctor recommended doing the mammary surgery later. Daisy has now recovered from that surgery and is ready to get her tumors removed!

Financial situation

Sandy has not been working due to COVID, she worked in event and concert promotion. She has just gotten a job this week, but is catching up financially, and has already spent a lot on Daisy with the Pyometra surgery. All donations are specifically for Daisy and are only paid to the veterinary clinic when the mammary surgery is performed. Sandy has now adopted Daisy, so this lovely pittie’s future is great, if she can just get this one last surgery done she should have a long and happy life now! WOOOF!!! And big thanks!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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  • Anonymous

    These poor doggies need all the help they can get! From our pups to you!

    July 9, 2021 at 5:31 pm Reply

  • Cassandra Alvarado

    I wish I could donate more but I really hope this helps and hope this angel can get her surgery!

    July 14, 2021 at 3:59 am Reply

  • Morgan Soloway

    Met a free animal doctor founder on the street yesterday. We made a bet, he won, so we said we’d donate $5 to a dog. I think $5 isn’t enough.

    July 17, 2021 at 5:59 pm Reply

  • Tahitia Ruby

    I hope & pray nothing ever happens to my furbabies, but if it ever does i know in my heart peoe would help me get them better, thats why i donate to this cause, i dont have alot of money but i know how every penny helps, thank you Sandy for rescuing this beautiful pittie,God bless you & her & your family

    July 27, 2021 at 6:28 pm Reply

  • Anonymous

    I’m donating because everyone needs help and this is a great reason

    July 29, 2021 at 6:52 am Reply