Cupcake the Pom

Diagnosed with a enlarged heart and heart murmur, Cupcake needs more testing done to figure out what more she needs. Cupcake has horrible coughing attacks that are extremely scary!
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Cupcake hearts too big

Cupcake is a 12 year old bundle of pure sweetness, funniness and a splash of sass! Cupcake was a Valentine’s Day gift, 12 years ago. Shannan says “Cupcake is an amazing little angel that enhances the quality of my life SOOOO much.”

Shannan has now taken over care for her mothers dog, Cupcake. Sadly, Shannan’s mom had to take care of her parents (Shannan’s grandparents) leaving not much time to care of Cupcake so Shannan gladly took her.


Here is Cupcake sleeping with Mini Marie. Cupcake is an older sister to Mini

Shannan update of Cupcake living with this condition

Cupcakes enlarged heart & severe heart murmur symptoms take over, she feels really crappy. She has a horrible cough, a symptom of her heart conditions. She has a hard time breathing and almost hyperventilates during these episodes.

Although she is on medication she gets VERY uncomfortable, has a hard time breathing and in turn gets really scared and frantic. Because of the state of her health we are limited in the things she can do. I am praying that you feel compelled to help support Cupcake in getting the testing and help she needs on her heart so she can get back to living a full and adventure filled life!

Estimate for Cupcake:

Cupcake estimate- 12-20-18

All donations for tax deductible. 100% of your donation is paid directly to the vet.

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One comment

  • Kimberly Coldiron

    My dog, Nacho, was diagnosed with the same condition last month. I know how scary and sad it is.

    January 30, 2019 at 5:04 pm Reply