Cookie and Margaret

Cookie needs tumors removed asap. Her 98 year-old owner caught them early, let’s make the most of that!

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About the Campaign

Cookie is a cancer survivor,

but 6 years later, tumors have returned.

The doctor is positive on Cookie’s prognosis, if the surgery is done soon. Her owner Margaret is 98 years old, and adopted Cookie six years ago, after Cookie had been treated for mammary tumors at that time.

Since then Margaret and Cookie have become best friends, and even though she is 98, Margaret takes Cookie for walks every day!

View of the tumors (quite small):

Cookie was at Baldwin Park animal shelter, with mammary tumors, and not getting adopted. No one wants to adopted a dog that comes with a big medical bill and an uncertain future. However, she seemed like a great little girl, very happy and friendly and otherwise totally adoptable, so Free Animal Doctor took her in and got her the surgery she needed.

It went well, and Cookie was given a clean bill of health, went up for adoption, and found Margaret!

Margaret keeps a good eye on Cookie and noticed these new tumors very early, which is great. She already spent almost $500 getting Cookie diagnosed at the vet, and Margaret lives on a fixed income. Covering the cost of the surgery is very difficult for her, so Cookie needs all of our help!

All donations are specifically for Cookie and paid directly to the veterinarian, Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic, so please donate in confidence!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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