Coco the Pom

Coco is having seizures. She has had two this month, which is an increase. Coco needs testing and dental surgery urgently, and her mom is disabled! Let’s help little Coco out… it will not take too much!

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Current News:

It’s been sometime, but Coco’s back! And she still needs our help! Coco is still having terrible seizures and she needs a good dental work up. Unfortunately, it was just discovered that Coco has a heart murmur and will need further testing. In order for Coco to move forward with any treatment, she needs to be thoroughly diagnosed by a Cardiologist. With $300 raised from her previous campaign she just needs the extra push for the rest.

Read more of Coco's story below

Coco is having seizures.

Her owner passed away, and Kathy took her in.

But Kathy was not financially prepared for poor Coco’s condition!

Almost 2 years ago, Kathy ran into a person who had a dog she was trying to get adopted. Kathy had lost her daughter, at the young age of 28, and now lived alone. She was looking for a companion animal, and was interested. It turned out the the owner of this dog had passed away, and the care-taker had taken the dog, Coco, but did not want to keep her.

Kathy met Coco, and Coco was such a sweet little girl, and still young at age seven, and Kathy adopted her! About two months ago though, Coco had a seizure. Kathy went through a few vets, but finally ended us at Washoe County Vet, where we have had a number of animals treated. They recommended a series of treatments and tests.

Kathy is on SSDI

Kathy is disabled. She has had cancer, and back surgery. She currently is scheduled for further surgeries. She is not able to work. So, the bottom line: Kathy just doesn’t have the money to get Coco treated!

What Coco needs

Coco needs treatment for her teeth, which are very bad, including some extractions. She needs blood and thyroid tests for her seizures and medications. The vet has given us what we think is a very good price for all of this (see estimate below). Though Kathy has paid for the initial vet visits herself, her situation leaves her unable to pay for Coco’s dental surgery and full testing. Let’s help out sweet Coco get the treatment she needs! Thanks and big big WOOOOOFS!


Vet Documents:


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  • John Bratton

    My dog been missing since 02/02/22
    Looks a lot like?

    June 1, 2024 at 12:14 am Reply