Chewy the puppy broke his femur!
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About the Campaign

Here is Chewy, the puppy!

Recently while playing outside and being inquisitive, Chewy, jumped up and landed wrong causing him to break his femur. OOOOUUUCCHHH!  Chewy was born on Halloween and was adopted in January by Josh.  Chewy’s owner, Josh, is in college at CalState San Diego.

Josh has received a pledge from family and friends for $1500.00.

 Josh is helping Chewy through this tough rehabilitation period. Since Josh is a college student he needs help paying for the remaining of Chewy’s surgery.  While he is taking care of his puppy, let’s help pay for Chewy’s remaining balance. 

As you can see in the estimate, surgery is about $3300, so we are looking to help them make up the $1800 difference! All donations are only for Chewy, and will only be paid to the vet!



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