He has severe reverse sneezing episodes. Specialist now wants to do CT-scan.
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Terrible “reverse sneezing”

Chokes and can’t even sleep

Poor Chewy! He has thick yellow sticky mucus in one side of his nose. He gets very stuffy and then does severe sneezing 20 times in a row!!

It drips in his throat and he gags on it. He has severe reverse sneezing episodes. Specialist now wants to do CT-scan and other tests; have tried antibiotics and steroids but no help.

What happened

In October of 2020 Chewy started having a think discharge from one side of his nose. He would cough and gag. His family took him to their vet, and started some basic treatments, but it didn’t work. He then was referred to another vet, who did a battery of tests and tried steroid medications. Chewy didn’t get better, and after a number of different adjustments the vet referred Chewy to a specialist.

The specialist has a couple of theories of what it could be, such as tumor in the nose, a cavity in the nasal area, dental infection etc… but to correctly diagnose this some expensive tests are required.

Current situation

Chewy’s condition got so bad he could not sleep. At night he would start coughing and gaging for a long time, and repeatedly. The specialist has provided some medication for temporary relief of the symptoms, so that Chewy can sleep at night, but this is just temporary and not a perfect fix.

Financial situation

The family has already spent $1100.00 on exams, tests and medications so far. The estimate is $3000-3500, and they have $1200 available. Recently the family has had some financial difficulties and needs help covering the whole cost. They adopted Chewy from a rescue 6 years ago, and he is only 7.5 years old now! Let’s help this guy have a happy, healthy life and get him the tests he needs!

Vet estimate, click to enlarge:

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One comment

  • Anonymous

    Times running out quickly. Please help Chewy get the tests needed to feel better.

    January 19, 2021 at 6:42 pm Reply