Cheddar & Chowder

Cheddar & Chower's story is one that is tragic yet amazing. These two little kittens aren't giving up the fight!
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About the Campaign

These two kittens Cheddar and Chowder have truly been through the ringer! They were rescued by Andie Allan a few months go. Andie runs a small rescuing group called Foster Fur Bottle Baby or FFBB for short. Their goal is to rescue kittens, puppies, and other fur babies and assist with rehoming them. A couple months ago, they came across two kittens Squanto and Leo who we now know as Cheddar and Chowder. They’ve spent and worked very hard and rehabilitating them. In fact, these two kittens are still spinning in circles through their recovery. Their immune systems were shot and although surgery and major medical has already been done there is still more left to do.

At Free Animal Doctor, we do not typically do these campaigns, however, we’ve made an exception today for Andie’s organization. This fundraiser is for a past due medical bill.”Unless I can recoup this money” Andie says “I cannot continue to rescue or help more animals that need the help”. Previous to these out standing balances, Andie  spent over  $1500 on Chowder and Cheddar’s medical treatment. This $2k balance is very difficult for her to come up with, especially since her organization is small scaled. Andie loves what she does and would have it no other way. “If I didn’t rescue them and have them treated, they would’ve died” Andie states. There was no time to raise money so she acted quickly. Now Cheddar and Chowder are on their long road to recovery and Andie will make sure they get there.

Chowder’s Story

Chowder was stuck in an inhumane, metal jaw, leg -hold trap. His rear left leg was shattered (see x-ray) and he developed an infection that could not be controlled despite the two different antibiotics that were administered along with pain and inflammation medication.

Chowder’s estimate: Squanto bill PDF

Chowder’s tissue was dying and immediate amputation was performed to save him. Surgery and recovery went well. Soon after, it was  discovered that Chowder had  ringworm. besides his compromised immune system, Chowder had yet another problem to face and another round of treatment to undergo. At only 4 weeks age, this orange tabby fought against all odds to stay alive and he’s still doing so until this day.

Cheddar’s Story

Cheddar’s story feels far more sinister. He was allegedly beat up by a kid and as a result had a broken hip, broken left rear leg, broken and de-gloved jaw,  and a bruised neck area. A week after being rescued, he developed water in his lungs and was knocking on death’s door. There was also some air around the lungs and possible secondary head trauma. The procedure to drain lungs and air was done right away.

Cheddar’s Estimate: Leo bill PDF

Poor Cheddar stopped eating and lost and unhealthy amount of weight in the process and as a result, became anemic. Luckily, his blood test indicated he had no other diseases. In what might seem like a miracle,  Cheddar began to eat again and gained all his weight back!   His food is served with supportive supplements such  as colostrum, glandulars, transfer factor, and probiotics.


What a nightmare for these poor kittens! A nightmare, that they’re unfortunately still living. Thankfully they have Andie by their side and with her knowledge, she’s working hard at rebuilding their immune systems and making sure they live a happy, normal, Kitty Cat life. With these kind of campaigns, anything helps! And of course, we appreciate the support!