Charlie has cancer. With quick surgery, he should be okay!
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About the Campaign

Charlie has Cancer…

But it has been caught early!

He’s been to numerous doctors, and the consensus is the same: Although Charlie has a cancerous tumor in his abdomen, it has been caught early and is still contained.

If he can get surgery soon, he should recover well!

Charlie’s story:

Last year (2020) Charlie was found abandoned in a city park in Long Beach, California. From there he ended up in the local animal shelter, very thin, hair falling out, covered in fleas, and very scared. Fortunately he was seen by a woman who fosters for AdoptMe Rescue, Terri, and she got the rescue to save him from the shelter with her agreement to foster him until he could recover and then be adopted.

It turned out to be a long road with Charlie. He had a heart murmur, but it was not too bad… more worrying he had dental issues, a bad skin infection (probably from the fleas) and a very bad chest cold (kennel cough). The rescue ended up spending a lot of money on him getting him better, and Terrie had to regularly give him baths with special shampoo… but in the end he recovered really well! Little Charlie started becoming a happy and energetic dog, but his cough was the one thing that would not go away.
Charlie went to a cardiologist, and had a full work up… his heart was fine, though he did need medication for his heart murmur. It was starting to look like he might be ready for adoption!

The beginning of the year:

In January Charlie had a couple of episodes where he threw up at night. One of them was very bad. All of this led to him going back to the vet for more tests, and ultimately revealed a weird little tumor deep inside his abdomen. It was hard to get to, an ultrasound was done with a very fine needle to collect samples. Ultimately, it turned out Charlie had a cancerous tumor.

The good news? The tumor appears to be contained and has not spread. It needs to be dealt with soon, and dealing with it means removing it. The bad news is the location.

If the tumor can be removed, Charlie’s chances are very good. But the location is tricky. He must have a full CT Scan before surgery, and then the surgery requires an experienced specialist. None of this is cheap.

The financial situation:

AdoptMe Rescue is a small operation. They spent well over $3000.00 on Charlie already (a full list of paid bills is available below), and were not expecting this complex surgery when they rescued him. Charlie’s estimate for everything, from his CT Scan to the surgery is looking at over $8000.00.

Charlie survived in the park, alone. He made it out of the shelter. He has had a long health journey. Now he is at his last step… he needs this nasty cancer gone! Can you help Charlie get past his last hurdle? Help him get his life saving surgery, so he can find his forever home? Can you donate to Charlie today?

Charlie’s current estimate (click to enlarge):

Diagnostic report from his general vet (click to enlarge):

All paid vet bills (pdf files, click to download):




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