Little 2 year old needs a colon clean out due to an injury, and then a visit to a specialist.

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Little kitty can’t poop,

and she is is losing weight.

Charley was born under a pallet at a lumber yard in Anaheim, CA. The employees took her mom and the kittens in, and one of the employees, Caroline, adopted Charley from that litter. Since then Charley has had some bad luck and bad health problems.

Charley was ill as a kitten and her vet over prescribed a supplement that made her condition worse, not better. Caroline switched vets, but Charley’s condition got worse, and her anal glands ruptured and she got a tear in her colon as well. She went through multiple surgeries in 2023 and has been somewhat better, but still has a significant problem.

Photo of Charley’s injury:

About every two months she has to be sedated and have her colon emptied. Basically, she slowly gets constipated. Caroline has spent quite a lot of money on her, well over $5000 by now and has maxed out her Care Credit as well.

Charley with Naira, a rescue pup belonging to Caroline’s sister:

The vet thinks that Charley could probably benefit from another surgery, but needs a specialist. And she is getting to where she needs her procedure again as well. The procedure to “clean” her out is about $500, and then about $250 to get a full exam and report from a specialist. All donations are for Charley to get her De-ostipation (the colon clean out) and then see a specialist. Donations are paid only to her vet. You can see the estimate below (click to enlarge):

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  • Lorraine Waxman

    Sending hugs and wishes for recovery

    May 5, 2024 at 4:23 pm Reply

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Please help this beautiful baby survive and be free of medical problems.

    May 5, 2024 at 6:05 pm Reply