Hit by a car, with swelling the brain! Prognosis is very good though! But poor Cammie needs help urgently, as she is in the ER vet… let’s help her get the ongoing treatment she needs!

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Found in the middle of the street!

Hit by a car, left in the road. Fortunately Lee Ann drove by!

Driving home on the night of October the 13th, Lee Ann saw two people fussing over something wrapped in a towel on the side of the road. She stopped, and saw little paws sticking out from the towel! To get right to the point, two ladies had just seen Cammie in the middle of the street, had stopped, wrapped her in a towel, and pulled her to the side of the road. Lee Ann realized that Cammie was awake, whimpering, and shaking, but not willing to move or stand up. The ladies who found her were calling the Orange County Animal Shelter to come get her (this was in The City of Orange, California).

Lee Ann knew that was not a solution. Cammie was too injured, the shelter would put her to sleep, and anyway, it’s a pretty bad shelter there. She scooped her up and took her to her vet. There they did x-rays, which Lee Ann paid for, and determined she had a neck injury, and probable swelling in her head… but no injuries below the neck. The vet recommended a 24 hour hospital immediately, and Lee Ann reaching out to Faith Easdale and DreamFetchers rescue was able to get her to one that evening.

What is wrong.

The hospital has determined that Cammie has a fracture in her neck, that is minor and should heal on its own. More importantly she does indeed have swelling in the brain. She has reacted positively to several infusions and medication, and the vet thinks her prognosis is surprisingly good. Often in these cases it is bad, but the positive response so far and the nature of the injury makes the vet fairly sure Cammie will recover, but will need 3-4 more days in the hospital.

She is in a dangerous place now, and with out IV, continuous meds and observation could easily pass away.

How you can help now:

Cammie needs donations for her continuing care to recover. All donations are only for her, only paid to the hospital she is in now, Southern California Vet Specialty in Irvine… and all donations are for her continuing care. A GoFundMe was set up for her initial bills, that is here. We are raising money now for her continued care! THANK YOU!!! And please share!



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