Calli Ann

Calli Ann needs an ultrasound to see why she has blood in her urine
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About the Campaign

Calli Ann needs an ultrasound.

For the last few months Calli Ann has had blood in her urine. The vet wants to see if there is a possible tumor around the bladder area. When the vet does the physical exam and touches her bladder she will squeal causing alarm for the vet.

Calli Ann has these reoccurring infections, antibiotics hasn’t been able to fix the issue. The urinalysis isn’t helpful anymore and can’t lead the vet in a direction. Leaving the next step to be the ultrasound.

Vicki, Calli Ann’s mom has spent all her extra money on the numerous urinalysis tests and vet visits over the last few months.

Calli Ann restored Vicki’s life

Vicki, Calli Ann’s mom, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There was a horrible encounter with the local police and her former two dogs. This incident caused her dogs to die in the crossfire of the authorities. Vicki was in a in a horrible state for months, when she decided to get Calli Ann her emotional support dog.




Calli Ann’s Vet Estimate:

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