Recovered from a broken jaw, and adopted! But he now needs a follow up surgery due to damage to his growing teeth.

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Thrown from a car,

jaw broke in 3 places!

But the good news: He is better now and adopted!

Buttons got his name from the blue buttons on the outside of his jaw. These were stabilizers to help hold his surgery sites stable while he recovered.

His owner Morgan adopted him from the San Diego Humane Society and worked with him all through his recovery, that was all back at the beginning of 2023. But now Buttons has a new issue, of course related to his jaw.

The buttons are out. He is a fun loving, happy dog in a home, and getting a little bigger every day!

But, due to his injuries, Buttons as some bad tooth alignments in his jaw, and as the are growing out he is now having some problems. One of his canine teeth is growing the wrong way, into his mouth. Some of the rear teeth, molars, are not coming out right, another tooth is stuck. He needs dental surgery to remove these teeth that just are not working out.

The procedure is a bit delicate due to his previous injury, so he needs a specialist. They are booked until the end of November, but he is on the cancelation list. Recently his appetite seems down, and Morgan has noticed some bleeding after he does eat. Surgery may be more urgent than was thought. Good news is that Morgan has raised some money on her own already, and only needs about $1000 more to get Buttons his procedure!

All donations are for Buttons and are paid only to Pacific Coast Veterinary Dentistry, for Buttons. Click on the estimate for surgery below to enlarge:


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  • Jennifer Reinhardt

    Buttons is such a sweet and obviously very lucky boy. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a new life! I wish I could do more.

    October 15, 2023 at 5:35 pm Reply

  • Staci Hurley

    Buttons has been through so much, and he is so loved! Hope the surgery goes well!!

    October 23, 2023 at 6:49 am Reply