Loose baby tooth got stuck, and is now infected and decaying.

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Loose tooth got stuck!

Is there another tooth under there trying to come in? Not sure. But the tooth is now decaying, and has to come out. Buster, is a good boy. The runt of the litter, Cherie adopted him as a puppy from a place where he wasn’t being well treated.

At first she thought Busters tooth was just a baby tooth that was struggling to fall out. But it is now been stuck there for a month, and he has bad breath now too (a sign of infection). Also, he is no longer got slobber, which Buster used to have a good amount of! And that is also a bad sign.

Finally, poor Buster has started pawing at his mouth recently, so it is clearly getting painful. He just needs that tooth out, and maybe the tooth underneath if there is one. They’ll do an x-ray at surgery time (dog x-rays usually require the dog to me under anesthesia), and get him all fixed up then.

Cherie has a verbal estimate from the vet but could not get one in writing without a paid visit, and she is short money right now… we’re working on getting a written estimate, but the whole procedure is going to be a little bit above $1000. All donations paid only to vet!


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