Buddy Boy

Little old man has two bad knees, and one of them is really bad with the kneecap dislodged!
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Buddy Boy, a loyal and loving companion to his owner Cherie, is in desperate need of help. Two months ago, Buddy Boy began having trouble walking, and after taking him to the vet, they discovered that his patella tendon is slipping off his knee cap. Unfortunately, this is happening in both of his legs, with one leg being worse than the other.

Cherie took Buddy Boy to a specialist for two appointments, spending $300 on consultations alone. The specialist recommended supplements and pain medication, but the real solution is surgery. The estimated cost for the necessary surgery on both of Buddy Boy’s legs is $7,500, which includes follow-up appointments. This is a significant amount of money for anyone, but Cherie is currently struggling to make ends meet. She had back surgery in November and is on disability, and her foot drags when she walks, making it difficult for her to work and earn money.

Buddy Boy has been by Cherie’s side for 13 years, ever since she rescued him from a shelter when he was just a puppy. She never forgot the day she saw him, alone and scared, after her car disappeared. He has been her constant companion and source of comfort ever since. Cherie lives alone, and while her daughter helps where she can, she has three children of her own and is also struggling financially.

Buddy Boy’s condition is severe, with one leg being a grade 3 severity and the other a grade 4 on his back legs. Without surgery, his condition will only get worse, and he will be in constant pain. Cherie loves Buddy Boy and wants nothing more than to see him healthy and happy again.

Donations here are only for Buddy Boy and paid only to the veterinarian when surgery is performed. Vet estimate is below (click to enlarge):

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