Brooklyn has a Deadly Hernia! URGENT! This little girl needs surgery very soon! She is in terrible pain, and at great risk. Surgery is scheduled, but we need to show positive donations coming in! Thanks!!

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About the Campaign

Brooklyn has a Deadly Hernia!

URGENT! This little girl needs surgery very soon!

She is really in pain, look at this poor girl:

Her mom Jamie noticed her being lethargic. She’s just 6 years old, and usually so happy and energetic, so it was strange. When Jamie when to pick her up, she yelped and even tried to bite! Brooklyn has never ever done that in 6 years!

Jamie took her to the vet right away. They did a number of tests, including x-rays. It cost Jamie almost $700, but they did get to the problem. Brooklyn has a hernia, which she has had all her life, but now the intestines have pushed into the hernia. This is not only quite painful, it is very dangerous. If not treated quickly, Brooklyn will die.


Brooklyn was adopted as a puppy. Jamie was a home-care nurse, and one of her clients had a dog that had puppies, and Brooklyn was the last one left, and not getting adopted. So Jamie ended up taking her in!

Here she is a few months ago, and playing with her friend George the cat!

Over the years Brooklyn has been Jamie’s best friend. A few years ago Jamie became seriously ill and had to have repeated surgeries. In addition, she was injured at work. For quite some time she was in a lot of pain, and she lost of a lot of weight and couldn’t do much. Brooklyn really helped her through all this illness, and now Jamie is devastated to have financial problems in helping Brooklyn.

How you can help

Jamie is on disability and has limited funds. She had $500 saved for emergencies, and used that just getting Brooklyn diagnosed. The vet has given her a good discount on the surgery, but the cost is still $1650.00…. a friend gave her $500, so we need to raise $1150 for the surgery! Please help SHARE this story! We need to raise this money right now!!! Like really urgently!

Please, let’s help this poor deserving girl get out of this terrible pain, and save her life! WOOOOOF!!!

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