Brave Ranger

Ranger has 8 tumors that need to be removed Asap.

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About the Campaign

Ranger is a 13 year old, terrier mix that’s still very active and needs 4 tumors removed as soon as possible.

For a few months, Ranger was scratching and biting at her belly. Then, at night she begun to cry out and wine in pain. This called for a vet and she was in to get tested. It turned out that Ranger has 8 tumors. Thankfully, they are benign but still need to be removed right away.

Ranger belongs to this sweet woman, Rosie.  Ranger was given to her and her husband a little over 5 years ago. They were searching for a companion and found that she was the sweetest dog they could have ever accepted into their home. They loved walking and spending time with her. Two years ago, Rosie husband passed away from West Nile. She and Ranger were left to depend on each other. Since then Ranger has given Rosie a sense of purpose and has been a big help getting her through her husbands passing.

Veronica, Rosie’s grandchild, knew that she had to do all she could to save Ranger for her grandmother. She set up a Gofundme Campaign : and she’s also reached out to us.

 Rosie doesn’t work, intact she never has. She’s been a housewife for majority of her life and her husband was the breadwinner. Therefore, when she got news that Ranger was ill, it devastated her. Veronica decided to surprise her grandmother by finding the resources to help! She’s unable to pay for the procedures her self but doesn’t want her grandmother to be without her companion.









The procedure will take place at Valley vet and we hope to raise enough money to keep Rosie happy and Ranger safe from any further complications.

Please help keep these two together!!

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  • Alexis Moreno

    Aw, this story brought tears to my eyes. Prayers 🙏I will be donating on pay day

    May 8, 2018 at 10:30 pm Reply

  • Anonymous

    I hope this combined with the gofundme will be enough.

    July 18, 2018 at 9:49 am Reply